Wedding makeup–secrets of the happy day

June 20, 2015

On the happiest day of life (true, some people have more than one such day :) every girl dreams to look like a real queen. In our country wedding makeup is a rather new service. While all brides had their hair done even 10 years ago, professional wedding makeup was done by few. Today makeup is an essential attribute at the wedding (just like a dress and shoes). Among large number of wedding signs like “you can’t wear sandals, ‘cause you’ll have a barefoot way of life” or “it’s a bad sign for the bride’s mother to sew a dress”, a new one appeared: “it’s a bad sign for the bride to do her makeup by herself”. I believe that the latter was invented by my colleagues - makeup artists!

Wedding makeup is something in between wearable makeup and makeup for shooting. Consequently, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • You have to mask skin defects, as when taken on camera even the smallest defects (tiny bruises, pimple) look more contrasted. Foundation inwedding makeupmust be more solid that in everyday makeup
  • Wedding eye makeup must be rich in contrast. To underline natural eye volume, we use both light and dark colors of eye shadows.
  • "Makeup with no makeup" or a transparent tone technique looks pale and inexpressive on photo and video. In this case it’s inappropriate. On the other hand, a lot of dark shadows can kill the bride’s tender image;
  • A more serious approach is needed for face correction. By lightening and darkening we draw the face shape near to an ideal;
  • You can’t use pearly makeup primers and foundations. Shiny skin is good for studio shooting, not for wedding. If you overdo it with pearls, you risk getting a “sweaty road runner” instead of a “glamorous diva”;
  • Toughness is very important forwedding makeup. Eyelashes cannot drop into a wedding cake and tinting cream cannot melt like vanilla ice-cream in the sun. Professional cosmetics and a good makeup artist will make you irresistible and you wedding day unforgettable!