Art makeup: art outside conventional

May 12, 2015

Art makeup is something unusual, interesting and memorable. Every normal makeup artist working at the parlor cannot accept its fate: do daily, wedding and night makeups. The soul desires celebration! And when such makeup master goes to a photo studio armed with crazy eyelashes, feathers, leaf gold and God knows what else, his heart starts beating faster. At first, thoughts that you won’t be able to do this creep into your head, but then hands do what has been conceived and pained over long nights.

Then, throes of creation give birth to a real artwork (and indeed, art makeup is an art). Not everybody understands green lips, red eyelashes or hair covered with flour, so what? The point is that something unusual came out of it. This art is for the chosen. This is the master’s self-expression. This is art makeup.

Some cannot perceive the achieved result as an independent art object. Many believe that makeup (like clothes) is something that you wear when you go outside. Art makeup is completely different.

To implement fantasies anything that comes to your mind – from beads to lace prints on forehead and temples – can be used as décor elements in art makeup. Lips can have extraordinary tints or even combine several colors. Eyelashes can be hand-made or bought: with feathers, glossy fibers or stones. Art makeup allows almost everything!

The main thing is to remember where fantasy of a creator ends, craft begins.