How it works


Basic Course. 

The cost of the Course is $299.

Access to Bank of Ideasfor 3 months for free!

Includes 9 lessons with the main basic techniques of makeup.

  1. Starting from the first lesson you browse the detailed video tutorial.
  2. Duplicate the makeup on the model.
  3. Make a photo.
    • Model’s face straight with her eyes opened.
    • Model’s face straight with her eyes closed.
    • Model’s face from one side in profile.
    • Model’s face from the other side in profile.
    • Eyes closed (close-up picture).
    • Eyes opened (close-up picture).

Note: Photos should be done with direct light, model’s face turned to the light (preferably to a window or a lamplight). Avoid the other parasitic sidelight sources. They can falsely show make up as asymmetrical.Send the photo to Tyutyushka for verification.

  1. After you receive the response there are two variants:
    • if you pass the test you get the access to the second lesson but browsing of the first one is unavailable.
    • if you don't pass the test you will receive the instructions how to correct the mistakes. Resubmit updated photos to Tyutyushka and wait for verification.
  2. After passing through examination of the Lesson #9 you receive the Certificate of Tyuyushka's  School of Make Up. You can print it on your own on a thick paper or you can use the services of Print Center in your city. All the certificates are registered and have their own unique number, which can be checked on our website by your employer.


You can also browse the lessons of the basic course piece by piece in any convenient order. 

The cost of one lesson with passing the test is $35