2015-05-05 23:08:03

You are a guest at my web and I will tell you everything I know about makeup! But first – about myself.


I started a career of a makeup artist in 2004 at Kiev visage school TerraViva. Then I returned to Nikolayev, fell in love with my job and now I can’t leave without happy faces of my clients and positive emotions.

The main (and my favorite) line of my work is make up for photoshooting. Bridal makeup, makeup for graduates, men’s makeup for photo and video shooting is something, without which one can’t imagine modern world.

Every woman has several cards up her sleeve and she uses them good, but you often want something new. That is when I come to the rescue.

Services of a makeup artist are rather new and many beautiful girls decide to do on their own. However, it’s much better to put oneself in the hands of a professional makeup artist. Besides, professional eye shadows don’t shed, lipsticks don’t roll, fixing agents easily make foundation faster, and aerograph is a real marvel of technologyJ, with the help of which foundation does not melt even in summer heat.

Commercial makeup also has its laws, which can be learned!

Art makeup is a stretch of imagination,it’s always a new feeling and inspiration. I’ll try to give you an understanding and joy of magic of this kind of makeup. And then try to do it yourself!

It’s in your beautiful hands, dear ladies!
Makeup is a “weapon” , which every woman must have!

At my web you can get answers to your questions about makeup, about cosmetics and ways to apply it, watch makeup video lessons, read my articles, leave your opinion about various cosmetic products, share your experience and results of makeup experiments.